This site is a free, social media, adult website available for those in the Adult Entertainment Industry within Canada. We provide you with a FREE social media account where you can manage your own content.  With the help of everyone that uses the site to post adverts to their social media account we will become the top classifieds site in Canada for those looking for the types of adult industry ads we have.

If you're tired of paying more for ads help us be one of the top social media sites in Canada for the adult industry!

This site uses these domain names: - -


- Everyone has the same access and everyone's content is treated equally!

- Manage up to 30 different ads!

- Include 10 images per ad!

- Include your Vimeo or YouTube video!

- Include links to your social media!

- Include links to your website!

- Create a social profile about you!

- Built in friends system for people you know!

- Create your own blogs!

- Earn points posting free ads to use for upgrades!

- Get a FREE Verified Profile so others know you are real!

 We will always be free to use!

We are committed to keeping this site and all the access free for everyone in the adult industry. We will keep banner advertising to an absolute minimum (one banner ad), never have pop-ups and do not track or share any of our user information. We do not support those who make millions from service providers in Canada!

Our site is run on donated time and donated funds. We are also committed to providing a safe, secure and FREE place for everyone in the Adult Entertainment Industry to network and manage their own online content.  If you are interested in supporting this site you can do so by placing your ads here, renewing them often, sharing your ads on social media and by telling others about our site.  

Unlike sites such as and others we will never chage for ads!

If you want to help support the site click on the Pink Cherry Banner & buy things you need!

The site was relaunched on February 10th, 2018..

Contact the administrator for more information!

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